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The 7 Best Ways to Play Better Basketball


If you are a basketball player, you know that the game of basketball requires dedication, discipline and heart. There are a number of skills that you have to work on to become a better basketball player. You have to be physically and mentally prepared and practice, practice, practice to improve your performance in the game.

Here are seven areas you can work on if you want to have a great game on the court:

1. Sprint for Speed. Training with sprints will help increase your speed on the court. A great drill for speed is to do the following series of sprints: starting at the baseline, sprint to and touch the free throw line and come back; then sprint to and touch the mid-court line and come back; then sprint to and touch the farthest free throw line and return; finally sprint to and touch the opposite baseline and return. Doing a few sets of these sprints on a regular basis will do wonders for your court speed.

2. Build Up Those Legs. Jumping is one of the most important skills on the basketball court, and going high requires super strong legs. You can give your leg muscles a big boost by including lunges, squats and step-ups in your practice routine. Practicing with hopping and jumping drills helps too.

3. Boost Your Overall Strength. Basketball requires strength, and strength is enhanced by lifting weights. A super strong body is especially important if you play forward or center.

4. Staying Power. You won’t be very successful on the court if you are exhausted and panting halfway through the game. Improve your stamina by doing running drills that push your body to its limits, and training you for hard, long physical play.

5. Dribble Till You Drop. Dribbling is one of the most important skills in basketball, and there are loads of ways you can become a better dribbler. There are basically three types of dribble: natural dribbling, control dribbling and speed dribbling. Each type requires attention to different details, and there are many dribbling drills you can do no matter what dribbling technique you want to use. Try one of these: Around the World, Ball Drop, Ball Slap, Dribble 8, Drop Step, Figure 8, Hot Potato, One Leg, Rhythm Drill, Sit Dribbling, Spider or Squeeze the Banana. Whatever position you play, these drills will improve your hand at dribbling.

6. Shoot to Score. When your shooting skills are top notch, you can be counted on to score regularly. As with other basketball techniques, you improve with practice. One way to do this very effectively is to shoot the basketball continuously using the same form for each shot. Repetition helps your body perform the action naturally.

7. Defend Yourself. A great offense is necessary to win games, but so is effective defense. You can get better on the defensive side of your game by doing drills like cone drills, defensive slides, jumping rope and stadium stairs.

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