Founded by Mire Chatman, University of Texas Pan American Alumnus and all time leading scorer in Euro Cup History, Chat’s Basketball Academy opened it’s doors to the public on September 10th , 2015. Chat’s Basketball Academy is dedicated and committed to teaching young athletes the importance of hard work, dedication and persistence. CBA offers group training and one on one personal classes for young basketball athletes seeking to learn the skills and techniques that will allow them to excel and succeed in the sport of basketball. Chat’s Basketball Academy, is located at 2900 Buddy Owens Blvd. McAllen, TX. Parents seeking to enroll their young athletes can fill out our registration form or text “bball” to 40691.


Mire Chatman played on top level European basketball teams for 13 years. He is the founder and coach at Chat’s Basketball Academy. Chatman is committed to teaching young athletes the importance of dedication and become a strong example to follow in the Rio Grande Valley athletic community.