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Basketball Jump Techniques

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The best way to play basketball is to have the upper hand on the opponent. By this, I mean learning how to do all the neat tricks basketball players do. One important thing to be able to do is jump. Basketball jumping techniques are important because you have to be hire than opponent to try to get a rebound. Shooting the ball from a distance or running a layup requires jumping. We have seen all the best players jump exceeding high. Michael Jordan is one example of the amazing things our bodies can do.

There is a different stance and technique for the different types of basketball shots. For instance, if you are shooting a three pointer the way you bend your knees and extend the body will help the ball reach the hoop. Always step into your jump, stand with your legs shoulder width apart and slightly bend at the knees. You then push off the palm of your foot and jump into the air at the same time extending and releasing the ball from your hands. Using the arms will help with help extend the body and make you longer at the jump.

If you are setting up your body for a lay up this requires a little running. When doing a lay up you must begin with one foot in front of the other. You run three steps and the foot that is to the back is the release for your jump. Again raising the arm that will set the ball into the basket will make it easier for it to reach the basket.

The other jump is for the dunk or “slam dunk”. With this jump, you will need to have stamina and good leg muscles. It is also important to know you will be able to lift yourself high enough off the ground to throw the ball in a downward motion. You have to dribble the ball quickly toward the hoop taking a few steps and push your entire body hard using all your leg muscles. All of this motion is going to happen pretty fast and you will also have to use both legs to push your body hard. You also need to make sure that when you land you bend your knees slightly to prevent any injuries to the tissue.

Keep in mind that the longer the shot the more you have to use your legs. To accomplish these basketball-jumping techniques you have to work out your legs as well as your arms. Flexibility is the key to extending the body and allowing it to spring itself off the ground. Even the shortest players on the team can do basketball jumps. It is all in the body momentum and the mind. If you let your body know that, you have the ability to do the jumps chances are you will. Always make sure your body is stable and you have just the right stance for the type of shot you intend to make.

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